Selection Process

The selection process is articulated from the outside in an analysis of the minimum of the profile of interest and specific role for a specific type of service. The list below highlights variables that profile analysis of object selection.


  • Role Awareness
  • Spirit of Sacrifice
  • Sense of responsibility and motivation
  • Accuracy, attention, precision


  • Education held
  • Master / Postgraduate Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma
  • Language’s Certificates
  • Computing Certification (ECDL Core)


  •  Autonomy at work
  • Spirit of initiative
  • Preparation for teamwork
  • Leadership Skills
  • Compliance with Rules
  • Problem Solving abilities


  •  Education / Certifications
  • Travel Studio / Erasmus
  • Work experience abroad
  • Other


  • Self control
  • Communication skills
  • Language skills

To this list must be added the specific claims made by the Purchasers. The assessment tools used in the selection process are the following: CV screening; telephone interview on first call; Individual interview; Assessment Group; Practical test and operational. Candidates competences assessment is initially driven during the interview which will choose topics and questions by following a predetermined pattern so that it can emerge the possibility that the skills acquired in any previous work experience or attitudes that have arisen can be spent also in another context.

For each candidate will be filled in a form with personal information collected during this first phase of the responses of each candidate will fit into a specific aspect to be evaluated through five levels of membership ranging from A to E.

After the selection process, candidates deemed the best are introduced in training.