Professional Training

System House works for the provision of professional courses for advanced training and continuing education, ASA important strategic business consistently applied also to the processes of Call and Contact Center and Back Office.

The Training Unit is spread across the stage of the courses, guidance and support at work, and refresh training directly managed by experienced and highly qualified teaching staff.

System House provides answers to the need for vocational training, higher education, continuing and refresher short courses through specialized courses to qualify, seminars, training activities immersion and highly specialized courses.

The training activities are considered by the Company an important investment in human capital. The assumptions underlying the training are to promote the growth of the levels of competence of the candidates. The social, occupational, economic and professionalizing impact that results is of utmost importance.

The design of training interventions, as a result of specific requests from Clients or participation in Tenders or Public Notices, represents a particularly sensitive activity.

The design activities operationally enable and facilitate the dissemination and sharing the importance of the project in relation to the services provided, which of course involve the organizational integration and collaboration of different departments and sectors.

SH has as its objective the promotion and human resource development through the transfer of the contents in accordance with training plans built ad hoc. The provision of training proposal is always diversified and designed based on the specific needs of customers.

The training courses are conducted in accordance with the quality ISO 9001 dictates (the company is ISO certified for such actions), making use of staff and chosen based on specific skills, able to detect training needs and capable of monitoring and to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

The objectives of the foundation of any training initiative are as follows:

  • Supply and implementation of a system aimed at service center offering compared to the actual needs and requirements of the Client;

  • Professionally designed and manufactured creation and provision in compliance with any rules laid down in the first place and any specific request made ​​by the Purchasers, through the use of tools and organizational processes qualitatively suitable for the persecution of the achieved educational purposes.

It is clear, therefore, that there is no single model of training but this is determined case by case, from the service strategy of the organization, the applications received by the client and the objectives to be pursued. However, the requirements and the means of quality are always identical, to guarantee and protect the processes and Clients.