Surveillance Solutions

The area of SH Video Surveillance offers to private or public company:

  • Advanced Video Surveillance Systems
  • Advanced Anti-Intrusion Systems
  • Alarm Systems

based on the best technology in the industry, available today on the market, in favor of the security and to reduce the phenomena of micro-criminality and deviance.

Our partnerships with the best companies in the industry, allow us to offer customized solutions and competitive prices. The team of installers, technicians qualified to operate in compliance with the ISO STANDARD exclusively with products carry the CE mark, there has always allowed us to ensure and guarantee the highest levels of quality of service to its customers.

The company has high skills to design and implementation advanced surveillance systems. Taking advantage of the best technologies available today we are able to achieve video surveillance systems correctly sized according to the needs of the customer. Our specific experience began through the implementation of small-scale business and grow up to the recent realizations of complex video surveillance systems such as those made for the security needs of the port of Bagnara, the archaeological area of ​​MEDMA in Rosarno or some urban areas such as in Reggio Calabria and Bagnara. System House is also a WISP (wireless internet service provider) and then placing a considerable know-how in the field of broadband telecommunications networks could easily integrate specific technologies of video surveillance with the advantages of wireless networks. Proof of this are the systems made successfully to the wireless surveillance of the urban area of the City of Bagnara or wireless network connection built to allow for proper surveillance of the port. The collaboration with leading partners in the field of  video security systems has allowed us also the integration of video surveillance systems with passive safety systems (eg. volumetric alarm, pressure sensors, etc.). These technologies have already been successfully integrated into the construction of the park of MEDMA. The use of the best technology and the best specific software also allows the creation of monitoring centers to which converge the data and images related to multiple remote systems connected via network access. This solution allows you to create customized solutions for the surveillance agencies. Moreover, the interaction between different areas of the company (such as Contact Center Area) allows System House to be able to offer Help Desk Services for assistance and remote monitoring and control of the installations.

The company, which has always distinguished itself for its high standard of safety, it is equipped with the necessary equipment such as vans, extendable ladders, ladder wagon in addition to any other instrument (notebooks, monitors, electrical equipment) necessary to the activity of multiple teams at the same time. In addition, the technical staff of more than ten units used is highly specialized in the field thanks to years of experience and high education. It’s important to note that the technical staff has produced important works on a national scale as that of the electrical wiring, data cabling and installation of ATM for the Italian Post Office on the whole national territory. Should also be noted that for the type of equipment manufactured staff also takes advantage of the collaboration of systems engineers with extensive experience. We offer:

  • Scalable video surveillance systems according to the customer’s needs also accessible remotely.
  • Operating centers for surveillance and remote systems control.
  • Surveillance solutions of urban areas using all the possible data transmission technologies, including wireless.
  • Installation of cameras promoting tourism by publishing real-time videos on the internet.
  • Advanced Video surveillance with integration of type speed dome cameras, progressive, motion control, day & night.
  • Monitoring of sensitive areas such as ports, parks, archaeological areas integrating different solutions of alarm systems and burglar.

Advanced Alarm Systems and Anti-Intrusion Solutions are based on the best existing technologies. Such systems can be implemented for homes, farmland, parks, museums and villas protection. Anti-Intrusion Systems, alongside those of advanced video surveillance, complete the range of products that provides System House in favor of the Security Housing to counter the phenomena of micro-criminality and deviance.