Renewable Energy

Today, alternative energy sources as never before, both in Italy and in the world, prove the best type of investment viable. The search for the minimization of environmental impacts should be considered a true social responsibility. For these reasons, we need to open our eyes to new eco-sustainable technologies, not forgetting the economic benefits that they entail. Currently, invest in photovoltaics, solar thermal and small wind turbines is very affordable given the laws in force laid down by the Italian State and the funding obtainable to absolutely low rates.

Open your mind to possibilities so extensive and disengage from the dependence on the past mechanisms of power, becoming energy independent, saving on your electricity bill each month, are the main reasons that make us believe that technological progress that operates to improve the environment must become part of the life style of every citizen.

SYSTEM HOUSE offers a range of PV based on the most advanced technologies in the industry for very cheap prices compared to competitors.

This unit employs a team of highly qualified resources in the production of photovoltaic projects that follows its customers throughout the process of construction of the plant, carrying out, however, on behalf of the customer every single bureaucratic practice independently.

In Italy there is an active incentive mechanism, called “Conto Energia“, for the production of electricity by photovoltaic systems. The State recognizes, for 20 years, the citizens and businesses of proprietary photovoltaic contribution to the entire production of electricity. Incentive in state “Conto Energia” added benefits due to the mechanism of Net Metering.