Attendance Management

Attendance management is the safe starting point to get any result in every HR unit. The installation of a good system of attendance detection allows to obtain indisputable operational and functional benefits, not only to provide the correct data to the systems of Payroll Processing, but also to create a company database to be shared with other enterprise applications. The automatic systems that involve the use of identification cards reduce the processing time of the presences control and streamline office work of the staff reducing errors and, consequently, the costs of management.

Our company has been operating for years in the field of attendance detection, access control, offers a wide range of software and hardware products for the detection of the presence, able to meet the needs of private and public small business, industry, schools, etc.

System House offers simple and articulate solutions of pure time clocks for detecting the presence, composed of terminals and software that communicate in an Ethernet network or in the Internet or GSM, for a complete attendance management.

The company is engaged in Badge magnetization (both magnetic stripe or proximity) and in customization services with inclusion of your company logo, photo of the employee and any other requirements, taking into account the provisions of the law.

Operations and Services are provided to follow the customer guidelines and consist in the installation of equipment and in the software management. We offer a remote service too in order to verify and troubleshoot remotely most of the problems.

Some of our most important Customers were: the Province of Reggio Calabria; Chamber of Commerce and Arts of Reggio Calabria; Cooperative “Libero Nocera” of Reggio Calabria; City of Montebello Ionico (RC); Archaeological Superintendency of Reggio Calabria; Municipality of Santo Stefano. Between schools, however, we cite the Liceo Scientifico “A. Volta” and the Istituto Tecnico per Geometri “A. Righi” in Reggio Calabria. Among the private companies Cobar S.r.l and Cadi S.r.l.

In particular, System House relies on the detection software Gestime-X ​​SQL developed by Elco Systemi. Gestime-X ​​SQL is an effective and intuitive software for managing time and attendance, access control and production management. The operational simplicity is accompanied by a wide range of customizations that make it suitable for any type of company.

Our main partners are:

Elco Sistemi S.r.l.

Solari Udine S.p.A.