Workforce Management

Services Contact Center, Help Desk and BackOffice are managed by two business units that work together: the Human Resources Department and the ICT area.


  • It’s directly responsible for the human resources organization’s processes (Its task start from the initial identification of the needs of staff, to the stages of formation and start-up of the selected operators for services);
  • It coordinate sizing of staff, ensuring the number of resources for the expected needs;
  • It deals with disbursement of training activity, in relation to the needs described by the Customer and will implement actions to ensure continuous updating of skills of the operators;
  • Belong to this area: the heads of the Services, Supervisors and Operators;
  • It is responsible for the register human resources management and updating


  • It’s responsible for the continuous monitoring of the functionality of the services in order to ensure the maintenance of technical efficiency of each software and hardware involved in the process;
  • In this area are allocated highly skilled technicians and able to ensure timely interventions in line with the provisions of the Business Continuity Plan in use in the company;
  • In particular, specialists working in this unit possess strategical system, networking and DBMS skills (eg. software development capacity, creation of user friendly interfaces, development of specific applications to realize different services integrations, telephony capabilities, databases know how, digital phones experience, etc.)


Service Manager Call Center: This figure represents the main interface of Reference for Clients on the proper functioning of the center as a whole. He oversees the management of the staff employed in the Call Center, is responsible for the overall organizational structure and is able, thanks to the role hierarchy that covers it, to have a comprehensive and integrated vision of the state of activities and services provided. He is also the reference in matters relating to security. His figure is for these reasons independent from that of the working groups and meets the requirements of the Representation of the Parties.

Quality Manager: Quality Assurance plays a role in respect of the Customers. He performs the following tasks:

  • Definition and possible modification of the Quality Plan for the approval of the orderer;
  • Implementation of verification and validation provided by the Quality Plan approved by the Principal;
  • Define action plans to eliminate acts of causes of anomalies and / or non-compliance.

 Technical Manager: This Manager is responsible for every technological solutions adopted and of the achievement of ICT objectives (such as the business continuity plan adopted).

Head of Training: The Training Manager is responsible for organizing the logistics of the training courses. Moreover, this figure is responsible for the processes of transfer of skills acquired to Operators dedicated to the service.

Supervisors of service: these are responsible for the proper delivery of the service by the operators in charge. They care for the maintenance of high standards of service. They are responsible also for the operational management of the group, their need sizing, training, corrective actions and the application of new operational procedures.

Call Center operators: human resources by high levels of schooling (all graduates or graduates), specialized, managing the reception and service requests from users who contact the Call Centre through various access channels (telephone, mail, fax etc.), on-line and off-line.