Quality Management

The execution of all activities necessary to ensure adherence to processes, standards and procedures that characterize the quality assurance system according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 11200:2006 is included in the set of SYSTEM HOUSE standard processes and identified in the procedures adopted by the organization in its Quality Management System.

It should be noted, moreover, that the organization has adopted a 231/01 Ethic model. All computer systems are manned in accordance with appropriate procedures and documents (DP/S – Document Security) at all levels of data management and Privacy Policy.

Verification procedures and quality control

These activities are related to:

  • monitoring the implementation of quality planning documents in statutory management of the project activities and production processes, quality requirements of the supply;
  • review and revisions;
  • preparing the recording quality detected;
  • planned management of documented product/process non-compliance;
  • conducting audits;
  • Corrective and preventive actions management;

These activities allow us to offer appropriate guarantees of effective compliance with the quality requirements and assumptions to provide a management tool for the effective evaluation of the quality of products and services.

Reviews, audits and Validation

In order to support the functionality of the controls (reviews, verifications, validations) to be made, the reporting’s forms (for all supply activities like customer satisfaction surveys) are continually reviewed and validated.

The quality is controlled for each object of the supply, in order to ensure that:

  • All the products will be delivered only after passing of scheduled tests;
  • All the services, that will be provided, will be kept under constant quality control and, in the case of non-compliance, corrective action will be agreed and executed.

 The controls, according to the goals that you want to pursue, can be classified into three types (Review, Verification, Validation) to ensure compliance of the product/ service to the specifications under which it was made​​ and with customer requirements