The technologies featured at the operational headquarters of SH are employed in suitable premises dedicated technicians containing the active and passive devices to the network, in addition to the Server and the telephone exchanges. In any local technological continuity of service is guaranteed by UPS Rack and UPS plane (as a whole the seat of Reggio Calabria is also equipped with two generators to cover the total business needs). The technologies and methodologies allow us maximum flexibility in the implementation of the Services requested through rapid deployment of solutions for different industries and applications:

  • Telephony and Call Center: complete systems for the management of Call and Contact Center solutions for Contact Management and corporate help desk;
  • Process Management Systems. Here are some technical details:
  • LAN network with Cisco technology (switch 2950 series, 3550, 3560), with star center stack and redundant fiber optic peripheral connected to the neutral mode fully redundant.
  •  Telephone exchange system based on Avaya S8720 server equipped with CMS for real-time supervision of all operators and for the statistical analysis of historical data.
  • Double Voip telephone exchange “Voismart business” built on Asterisk technology that can accommodate up to 4 PRI (with card 4 PRI), with scalable architecture according to the loads of work scheduled.
  • Software InfiniteCRM and HelpdeskAdvanced Pat, which are based on a battery of 4 redundant servers in a cluster configuration.
  • WAN connections with ADSL and HDSL protected by Firewall.
  • Point-to-point connection to Rome with technology Hyperway.
  • More than 500 active workstations at the headquarters of Reggio Calabria, 600 at the headquarters of Crotone and 60 in Rome equipped with the latest generation. All locations are configurable for either type of inbound and outbound activities.