Claims Recovery Management

Our Claims Recovery Services allows companies, organizations and private citizens to recover outstanding claims by our agency specially created to fulfill this task.

 This task requires a lot of expertise and professionalism, if you want to get satisfactory results.

Modern technologies used by us will certainly allow us to simplify it. We use  top-class infrastructure and a specialized staff that contributes to the achievement of high quality and high added value.

System House operates through an established information network of correspondents throughout Italy for the checks and verifications on the spot. The company over the years has consolidated its know-how, so it is now an irreplaceable partner in the resolution of business issues related to the claims management.

The Company mission is to be at the side of anyone who needs to recover outstanding claims.

Many activities are severely damaged – and sometimes forced to close – from those who don’t honor their debts. The results achieved, teach us that recovery is possible, as long as you treat it as a problem to be addressed promptly and exclusively with extreme competence.

The Business Unit in charge of the Claims Recovery Area takes care brilliantly of  the complete cycle of the Claims Recovery outsourcing management processes.

A business must is to offer highly technological and innovative customer services, paying attention to the quality aspects. System House operates on the cancellation of the gaps generated by the deviations between expected quality, perceived quality and performance quality.

The attention paid on quality level services goes into a project with the objective of achieving excellence. The main purpose of our monitoring program is to improve the quality of service provided focusing on the development of resources and process improvement.

 For these reasons and to give maximum attention to the design and supervision of services offered, for over 10 years, a Quality area, in a staff position and in communication with all other areas and with the client, establishes the tools and methodologies of implementation, management and monitoring of activities to ensure that the entire organization operates according to rules of TQM (Total Quality Management).

 The distinctive features of our Claims Recovery Unit are:

  • The organization where Project Managers and professionals with specific expertise to follow the activities from the planning stage and start-up at its conclusion, constantly monitoring results;
  • The selection of resources made ​​by experts from the early stages to ensure the achievement of excellence with a view to continuous improvement;
  • Training, where in collaboration with experienced professionals are carried out training aimed at effective communication, with the addition of appropriate specifications for the kinds of activities that will be carried out;
  • The resources evaluation, as a distinctive indicator of the performance and essential to strengthen the training of the individual;
  • Motivation of resources as a key factor in the profitability of the company. All these elements come together in the three credentials System House:
  • Orientation to the needs of its customers;
  • Flexibility of the organization;
  • The high quality standards;

which today have become “the key success factors” of our company.