System House is equipped with a head office and two headquarters located throughout the Italian territory.

The Registered Office, located in the city of Rome, is the administrative center of the company. The site is made up of an executive office, two operative offices, a large meeting room, a break area. The site accommodate 60 Contact Center workstations and a training room. The ramp-up capacity amounts to 120 workstations.

The Headquarters of Reggio Calabria is located in a favorable position respect to the main roads of the area (we are just 500m from the freeway junction “Arangea” SS 106; Airport of the Stretto “Tito Minniti” can be reached by car in 5 minutes; Central Railway Station in Reggio Calabria can be reached in 15 minutes).

The buildings, insists on a total area of 4,500 square meters, 2,700 of which are parking area. In the outdoor area there is a dining area for employees.

The first building (called “SH1”) is three floors consist of a total of 1,800 square meters, while the two adjacent buildings (“SH2” and “SH3”) consist of 480 square meters and 187 square meters.

Every buildings are intended primarily to accommodate Contact Center workstations: more than 500 workstations located in 13 separated and dedicated areas. The site also features 12 rooms used as office space, training classrooms and a meeting room of 65 square meters. All the headquarters rooms are equipped with air conditioning system (heat and cold system too).

The perimeter of the site is entirely subject to constant monitoring by a video surveillance system.

Element of our particular pride is the photovoltaic system integrated into the structure, subject of recent maintenance: 310 panels (19.5 kW total power) is arranged on the facade and on the roof and determine an average production of about 1,200 kWh per month, to cover part of the site needs.

In addition, recently the company has invested in a further energy saving system (in accordance with the relevant policies ISO 14001): a new PV system to cover an other part of site energy needs that consists of 70 panels of the last generation (each from 280W) for a new facility that have a total power of 19.6 kW and a mean energy of about 2537.28 kWh / month (approximately 30447.42 kwh / year). The 370 panels ensure average 3737.28 kWh /month.

The headquarters in Crotone is located close to the city in the industrial area about 20 minutes from S. Anna ; consists of an industrial building of about 3,000 square meters on two levels with an adjacent parking area for 200 cars. The headquarters has 650 workstations divided into 11 contact center rooms, 2 training rooms of 35 seats each, offices, a meeting room and a break area. In each operative room, each workstation is wired with triple network connection and is connected with the double-ring optical network. Inside the structure there is a server room that contains the local network connection and the data racks. This room is equipped with advanced security technology for business continuity.

The power supply is provided by a cabin (owned) for a medium voltage that power a maximum output of 400 kW. In addition, in the area, to guarantee business continuity there are three-phase UPS for about 240 KVA and an automatic to 300 KVA.

The entire structure is covered with solar panels that produce a maximum output of 192 kW nominal power to cover internal needs. It’s also planned to cover the parking areas with solar panels. The entire site is monitored by an advanced system of fixed and mobile high resolution cameras.